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Sculpture Didges
Check these out!
Didgeridoos with added stone "onlays" and sculpted animals! Something new and exciting, and very cool to have.

This is just the beginning of my venture with creating hand formed sculptures using a self hardening, "clay-like" putty that sets up solid as can be, for enhancing my artwork. All the didges on this page are created on my synthetic line of didgeridoos.

Please email me if you are interested in owning one of these.
I accept checks, money orders, and PayPal.

I'm so thrilled with this new "avenue" my art has taken, I am continuously working on new creations, so......Check back often for more to come, or please inquire for custom work. If you have a favorite didge of your own you may feel compelled to send to me to enhance, please do drop me a line, and we'll talk. Christmas is rapidly approaching, and the earlier the better, for getting your orders in!

Item #3D1
"Mother Spider" 54" x 2"
A stunning, galaxy themed didgeridoo based on the legend of the "Mother Spider" who spins her web creating the galaxies.
$99 + $15 shipping
Item #3D2
"Spider" 40" x 1.5"
This sculpture is modeled after a spider indiginus of Malaysia. Fun size to play beat box style!
$85 + $12 shipping
Item #3D3
"Golden Glory" 47" x 2" Drones in the D/C# range
Intricately painted in rich, virbrant earth-tones, this sunflower-like design is accented with golden yellow bead onlays.
$85 + $15 shipping
Item #3D4
"golddust Day Gecko"
54" x 2"
$185 + $18 shipping
Item #3D5
"Frog Zone" 40" x 1.5"
A great little player this didge is! Loves to be played fast, beat boxing and wicked rhythm maker. Tons of fun! My most popular size for first time didge buyers. The sculpted frog really adds character to this piece!
$65 + $12 shipping
Item #3D6
"Out to Sea" 52.5" x 2" Drones in the range of C
A lovely portrayal of a sea turtle happily swimming in her non-poluted environment. *sigh*.........
$125 + $15 shipping
Item #3D7
"Tree Frog" 46" x 2# Drones in the range of D
Everybody loves the adorable little red eyed tree frogs! Now here's one who hangs out on this didge.
Item #3D8
"Arachno-Didge" 46" x 2" drones in D.
Brand New! A BEAUTIFUL garden spder adorns this didge. One of my favs!
$95 + $15 shipping
Item #3D9
"Lil Sand Lizard" 40" x 1.5" drones between E and F
This is my most recently crafted lizard didge and I think my new FAV! Lots of very fine detail and coloring in this adorable little critter. Lots of fun to play too! Suited for a fast, percussive player (as are all the 40" didges).
Item #3D10
"Blue lizard"

46.5" x 2" Drones in the "D" range
This is yet another new lizard didge, just completed. I just love adding these little life-like 3-D personalities to my didgeridoos! Very colorful and cheery didge, don't ya think?
$85 + $15 shipping