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Drifty Critters and Paper Weights
Handcrafted Sculptures
These adorable little handcrafted and painted sculptures make the perfect gift for anyone! Set them on a shelf, or in a plant, on your windowsill, your desk, or any place you wish. You can even put them in your garden, as the driftwood (or rock) is already weathered, and the sculpting material is waterproof, painted with acrylics, and sealed with a spar urethane outdoor sealer. Bring them into your home, give them a name, and enjoy their care free company. They all have personalities of their very own.

Please contact me if you have any questions
You can see a nail head in the deck on which the critters are photographed on
for a general size reference.


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Critter #1
$25 + $4 shipping
Critter #2
Critter #3
Critter #4
$24 + $6 shipping
Critter #5
$25 + $5 shipping
Critter #6
Critter #7
Critter #8
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