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Custom Didgeridoo Art
What it's all about
Did you ever think about having something painted on your didge that would be completely your own? I mean, something that represents you, or your dreams, your smiles, your heart's passions, or perhaps you have a personal "totem", or favorite animal... you name it, I would love the opportunity to bring it to life! Give me every detail, or give me the freedom to run on my own, I am here to work with you however you wish.

I have had some of the GREATEST experiences painting for so many of you out there, and I've made a WEALTH of new friends who have become so dear to my heart, what's not to love about what I get to do?!

Whether you have your own didgeridoo, or you're on the hunt for one.... Perhaps you'd like to select one from the Didgeridoostore and have them ship it to me. click for details. Maybe you'd even like me to make a PVC didge and custom paint that, I'd be happy to do it!

Just drop me a line and we'll go from there. It'll be fun!

Below are some samples from each year of my custom work up through 2008. There are many more archived photos on Moondrop's Art Page on facebook. Be sure to browse through the photo albums there, for more examples of my versatility. And hey, why not "Like" the page while you're there to be sure to get updates on my didjart happenings and product availability.

Christmas is just around the corner....thinking about having some custom didgework done?
Make sure to get your order in to be sure it can be completed in time!

In the beginning" - 2001
Year 3 ~ and still painting ~
I just find it so amazing to see what challenge will be requested next. That's what keeps it exciting! I wouldn't be doing this work if it weren't for Your confidence in me, and Your ideas. "Thank You" to everyone who's helped to move me along!
"...2005" ~ Custom 5
Another wonderful year of custom work for me!


Moving Forward" ~ Custom 2 Year 2002
This is the year my custom work really starts to take off...
2004 ~
Lots of very special pieces were created during this year for, and with, many of my dearest didgeridoo friends!
This page may be out of space, but my custom art continues still today. Don't forget to check out much more of my archived didjwork at Moondrop's Art on facebook!