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Eucalyptus Didgeridoos
Australian Grown ~ Termite Hollowed ~ Moondrop Adorned
This is my page of eucalyptus didgeridoos that I have painted and am offering for sale. I would love it if I had more to choose from here, but I am not a big retailer, and don't order digeridoos in numbers. When I get a chance to acquire one, I will. And then I will paint it when I'm inspired, and offer it for sale. With a little hope, and some dedicated work, I will make this section a little more plentiful of choices in the near future.

Most of my time is concentrated on my custom work, painting personal digeridoos people send me. So I apologize for my slim selection here of painted eucalyptus didgeridoos.

Another option you might want to consider is the deal I have with the Didgeridoostore. You can select a didge from them to order, and then tell Me what you'd like painted on it, and together, the Didgeridoostore and I will take very good care of you. It's a GREAT alternative! Be sure to check out my Custom Didgeridoo Art page to learn more! It's a little more personal route to take, AND you get exactly what you want.

But make sure to check back here often, because I really do want to add some more didges! (As soon as I am able to)

"Eyes a watchin you"
54", key of C# - 40 cents, first toot G - 30cents, 2nd toot Eb
For something definately off the wall and bit "tripendicular", I have this krazy didj I painted with donation eyeballs of some very dear friends of mine. It's a little hard to want to part with, due to the fact that I have a lot of personal interest in the collage of character and spirit in this didge. Not only is this didj something you will NEVER see anyplace else, it's really a great player as well. It has a nice robust, full bodied, drone, with good harmonics, great vocals, and 2 easy to reach toots. Please email me for more information, and feel free to ask for a sound sample. Click the photo to see all 12 eyeballs in detail.
$329 + $20 shipping
SOLD ~ Thank you Ron, please take good care of my friends

"Big Blue"
55", 15 cents flat of C#, first toot about 50 cents sharp of F#
With a bell measuring 3.5" - 4", this loud droning hooter offers very nice vocals with decent backpressure. The artwork simply adds a touch of finesse to the already beautiful contrasting wood grain in this piece. Please inquire with any questions, and as always, feel free to ask for a sound sample.
$275 + $20 shipping

45" with a 4" bell, drones in a perfect Eb. Man I LOVE this didj!! One of my all time favorite players I've had. It's a nice, punchy, fast playing little ripper. It was my first (and is my only) euc, higher than a C, and it has taught me quite a bit about fast playing, as well as circular breathing. It was passed along to me by a very dear friend, to paint and resell, to perhaps help aid in my JT fund, but I loved it so much that I held on to it for (ahem) a couple of years. It had a small crack in the thinnest part of the bell wall, even before it came into my hands, but has been more than adequately repaired, and quite well seasoned since. This didj gets a lot of play and is not an easy one to let go of. The artwork is minimal coverage, but just perfect for the absolutely beautiful marbling in the two toned wood grain. "Spidey" was a visitor I had last fall, 2004, who presented her beauty for me to enjoy for 5 days, while I observed her, and her wonderful egg sac she left behind. She was gone before the frost, but her eggs are soon to hatch. I thought this was the perfect time to bring back her memory on this wonderful stick.